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                                    ALICE TPC Front End Electronics

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Front End Card (revision 3.3, January 2004 - PCB ID 40021090)

bulletSchematics (pdf)
bulletBack-end connectors pinout (pdf)                 
bulletInput connectors mapping (pdf)
bulletDefinition of the internal signals (pdf)            
bulletPCB stack-up (pdf)                                         
bulletPCB floorplan (pdf)
bulletBill of material (pdf)
bulletPCB layout (pdf)
bulletPCB GERBER files (request to L. Musa)

Board Controller

bulletProgramming file (.pof)
bulletDescription of the register table (.pdf)
bulletQuartus project  (~1.4 MB)

For further information on the BC contact R. Campagnolo or C. Gonzalez.


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Last update 09/13/2007